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Monoject® Non-sterile Syringes

There’s no point in paying for sterility if it’s not necessary to your application. Get safe, high-quality performance and significant savings with the full line of Monoject® nonsterile autoclavable syringes.
Cat NoDescriptionCapacityQty/CsUOMPrice
S60-204Luer Slip3cc1000CS$105.00
S60-206Luer Lock3cc2000CS$175.00
S60-208Luer Slip6cc500CS$158.42
S60-210Luer Lock6cc500PK

S60-212Luer Slip12cc500CS$118.21
S60-214Luer Lock12cc800CS$145.28
S60-218Luer Slip20cc250CS$186.00
S60-220Luer Lock20cc400CS$211.00
S60-222Luer Slip35cc100CS$73.50
S60-224Luer Lock35cc300CS$290.00
S60-226Luer Slip60cc100CS$145.43
S60-228Luer Lock60cc155CS$147.84

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