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4-Way Small and Large Capacity Flipper® Racks

• Small racks lock together to increase 15 and 50mL tube capacity
• Can be autoclaved, placed in a freezer, or used in waterbaths

These versatile, polypropylene racks can be used in a variety of applications, and come in two capacity sizes. Five per pack.

Small Rack Holds:
4 x 50mL Tubes
12 x 15mL Tubes
32 x 1.5mL Tubes
32 x 0.5mL Tubes

Large Rack Holds:
8 x 50mL Tubes
24 x 15mL Tubes
20 x 20mm Diameter
40 x 1.5mL Tubes

Cat NoDescriptionColorQty/PkUOMPrice
Small Rack
R19-101Small Flipper RackNatural Polypropylene5PK$27.95
R19-103Small Flipper RackBlack5PK$38.46
R19-105Small Flipper RackFluorescent Blue5PK$38.46
R19-107Small Flipper RackFluorescent Green5PK$38.46
R19-109Small Flipper RackFluorescent Orange5PK$38.46
R19-111Small Flipper RackFluorescent Pink5PK

R19-113Small Flipper RackFluorescent Yellow5PK$38.46
R19-115Small Flipper RackAssorted Fluorescent Colors5PK

Large Rack
R19-116Large Flipper RackNatural Polypropylene5PK$69.95
R19-118Large Flipper RackFluorescent Blue5PK$72.95
R19-120Large Flipper RackFluorescent Green5PK$72.95
R19-122Large Flipper RackFluorescent Orange5PK$72.95
R19-124Large Flipper RackFluorescent Pink5PK$72.95
R19-126Large Flipper RackFluorescent Yellow5PK$72.95
R19-128Large Flipper RackAssorted Fluorescent Colors5PK$72.95
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