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96-Well Microplates  

LabSource® 96-Well Microplates

• Polystyrene, Raised Rims
• Alphanumeric Matrix

These high-quality polystyrene plates are ideal for serial dilutions, hemmagglutination or precipitation assays. Raised rims around wells and plates minimize well-to-well contamination and improve sealing film attachment. Alphanumeric matrix simplifies sample location. Universal footprint works with standard robotics and multichannel pipettors. Available in three well shapes; lids sold separately.
Cat NoDescriptionTypeWellsQty/PkUOMPrice
D36-432LabSource® 96-Well MicroplatesClear, Nonsterile0.41mL, "U" Bottom50CS$55.10
D36-434LabSource® 96-Well MicroplatesClear, Sterile0.41mL, "U" Bottom50CS$80.81
D36-436LabSource® 96-Well MicroplatesClear, Nonsterile0.33mL, "V" Bottom50CS$48.82
D36-438LabSource® 96-Well MicroplatesClear, Sterile0.33mL, "V" Bottom50CS$69.16
D36-440LabSource® 96-Well MicroplatesClear, Nonsterile0.40mL, Flat Bottom50CS$52.33
D36-442LabSource® 96-Well MicroplatesClear, Sterile0.40mL, Flat Bottom50CS$73.31
D36-444LabSource® 96-Well MicroplatesWhite, Nonsterile0.41mL, Flat Bottom200CS$138.18
D36-446LabSource® 96-Well MicroplatesBlack, Nonsterile0.41mL, Flat Bottom200CS$138.18
D36-449Microplate LidsClear, Sterile-50CS$63.16
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