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BD Falcon™ Disposable Serological Pipets

• Sterile, cotton plugged
• Nonpyrogenic polystyrene
• Color-coded packaging and markings

Quality tested to ensure accurate volumes; special markings for quick alignment and optimal viewing of graduations. Individually wrapped pipets have easy-to-open paper/plastic packaging which can be peeled or popped open. Multipacked pipets are seperated in easy-open polyethylene bags of 10, 20, or 25.

*with wide tip opening
Cat NoDescriptionFalcon No.Grads.Capacity (mL)Qty/CsUOMPrice
Individually Wrapped
P81-114Serological Pipets3575210.01mL1mL1000CS$354.00
P81-116Serological Pipets3575070.01mL2mL1000CS$350.60
P81-118Serological Pipets3575430.1mL5mL200CS$129.85
P81-120Serological Pipets3575510.1mL10mL200CS$130.67
P81-124Serological Pipets3575250.25mL25mL200CS$268.14
P81-126Serological Pipets3575501.0mL50mL100CS$272.00
P81-128Serological Pipets3576001.0mL100mL50CS$311.70
P81-143Serological Pipets3575060.01mL1mL1000CS$283.70
P81-145Serological Pipets3575080.01mL2mL1000CS$413.74
P81-147Serological Pipets3575290.1mL5mL500CS$236.63
P81-149Serological Pipets3575300.1mL10mL500CS$235.00
P81-153Serological Pipets3575150.25mL25mL200CS$224.00
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