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Pre-Filled Specimen Jars  

Pre-Filled Specimen Jars

• Reduce chemical exposure
• Save time, labor and expense
• Wide variety of fixatives

These specimen jars, pre-filled with your choice of quality fixatives, reduce the time spent in preparing fixatives and greatly reduce exposure to hazardous materials. Fixative volume is half the jar volume. Labels comply with OSHA, NFPA and ANSI regulations. Custom formulations are available; please contact customer service for a quotation.
Cat NoDescriptionFixativeJar VolumeQty/CsUOMPrice
Leakproof, Graduated Clarified Polypropylene Jar
C15-235Pre-Filled Specimen JarsFormalin, 10% Phosphate Buffered, AFIP20mL100CS$68.00
C15-236Pre-Filled Specimen JarsFormalin, 10% Phosphate Buffered, AFIP40mL100CS$68.00
C15-237Pre-Filled Specimen JarsFormalin, 10% Phosphate Buffered, AFIP60mL100CS$75.00
C15-238Pre-Filled Specimen JarsFormalin, 10% Phosphate Buffered, AFIP90mL100CS$68.00
C15-239Pre-Filled Specimen JarsFormalin, 10% Phosphate Buffered, AFIP120mL100CS$68.00
C15-240Pre-Filled Specimen JarsBouin’s Fixative40mL100CS$105.00
C15-241Pre-Filled Specimen JarsHollande’s Fixative40mL100CS$104.00
Heavy-Wall Polypropylene Jar, Polyfoam Cap Liner
C15-242Pre-Filled Specimen JarsAcid Zinc Formalin30mL100CS$54.00
C15-243Pre-Filled Specimen Jars10% Formalin, Buffered, Carson-Millonig30mL100CS$43.20
C15-244Pre-Filled Specimen JarsSaccomanno’s Fixative60mL50CS$84.60
C15-245Pre-Filled Specimen JarsZinc Formalin30mL100CS$43.20
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