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Barnstead Thermolyne® Cimarec® Digital Hot Plates and Stirrers

• Multifunction digital display and “Hot surface” warning system
• Stable, low-profile design and Up to 30% faster boiling

In development over two years, and representing a significant improvement in safety, performance and value, these redesigned Cimarec® hot plates and hot plate stirrers feature a new digital display, conveying much more information than a simple pilot light. Temperature settings are adjustable in 9°F (5°C) increments – from ambient plus 41°F to 1004°F (5°C to 540°C), depending on model. Microprocessor-controlled feedback technology maintains consistent, repeatable temperature settings (ideal for labs that perform repetitive procedures) and allows the use of metal vessels or sand baths. “Hot Surface Alert” safety systems help to protect users from accidental burns. Bright red warning lights signal when heating surface is above 122°F (50°C), and the digital display flashes "HOT" - "OFF" when heating is turned off, until heating surface is below a cool 122°F (50°C).

The seamless reflective white ceramic top enhances sample visibility and provides an easy-to-clean and alkali / acid resistance surface. Flat top and high-wattage heating elements (wire-wound mica element) combine to provide superior heating transfer and fast time-to-boil. Integral ring-stand holder accommodates 1/2" (1.3cm) diameter support rod. Rugged low-profile cast aluminum body provides stability and durability. The hot plate stirrer includes a more powerful motor, which prevents slow speed “lurching” and allows operation in high viscosity solutions (400rpm at 350 centepoise). Exclusive StirTrac™ technology keeps stirring speed at set point regardless of change in viscosity, provides a stir brake that stops the stir bar from any speed, and provides fine control at slow speeds. The stirring range is a wide 50 to 1200rpm.

Three sizes offer flexibility from microscale chemistries to larger vessels. Sample load capacities are 35 lb (15.9kg) on 10 x 10" (25.4 x 25.4cm) models, 25 lb (11.3kg) on 7 x 7" (17.8 x 17.8cm) models and 15 lb (6.8kg) on 4 x 4" (10.2 x 10.2cm) models. All models supplied with detachable cord. Stirring models include 2 x 3/8" (51 x 9.5mm) TFE-coated stir bar; 4 x 4" units include 1" (25.4mm) stir bar.
Cat NoDescriptionHeating SurfaceUOMPrice
Hot Plates
S16-228Cimarec® Hot Plates4 x 4”EA$182.00
S16-229Cimarec® Hot Plates7 x 7”EA$274.00
S16-230Cimarec® Hot Plates10 x 10”EA$468.00
Stirring Hot Plates
S16-231Cimarec® Stirring Hot Plates4 x 4”EA$448.00
S16-232Cimarec® Stirring Hot Plates7 x 7”EA$479.00
S16-233Cimarec® Stirring Hot Plates10 x 10”EA$629.00
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