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4000 and 4010 Wrist Supports 4000 and 4010 Wrist Supports  

Ergodyne® ProFlex® 4000 and 4010 Wrist Supports

• Limits wrist movement, not productivity

Limits downward wrist movement, but doesn't compromise finger dexterity, flexibility or productivity. Fully adjustable. Soft, antibacterial lining keeps hands cool, dry and comfortable even in the toughest work environment. Machine washable. Choose model 4000 (single strap), or 4010 (extended length and double strap). Also available for the right or left hand.
Cat NoDescriptionSizeTypeUOMPrice
1646063ProFlex® Wrist SupportsSmall4010, Double Strap, Right HandEA$13.75
1646064ProFlex® Wrist SupportsSmall4010, Double Strap, Left HandEA$13.75
1646065ProFlex® Wrist SupportsMedium4010, Double Strap, Right HandEA$13.75
1646066ProFlex® Wrist SupportsMedium4010, Double Strap, Left HandEA$13.75
1646067ProFlex® Wrist SupportsLarge4010, Double Strap, Right HandEA$13.75
1646068ProFlex® Wrist SupportsLarge4010, Double Strap, Left HandEA$13.75
1646069ProFlex® Wrist SupportsX-Large4010, Double Strap, Right HandEA$13.75
1646070ProFlex® Wrist SupportsX-Large4010, Double Strap, Left HandEA$13.75
1646110ProFlex® Wrist SupportsSmall4000, Single Strap, Right HandEA$10.45
1646111ProFlex® Wrist SupportsSmall4000, Single Strap, Left HandEA$10.45
1646112ProFlex® Wrist SupportsMedium4000, Single Strap, Right HandEA$10.45
1646113ProFlex® Wrist SupportsMedium4000, Single Strap, Left HandEA$10.45
1646115ProFlex® Wrist SupportsLarge4000, Single Strap, Right HandEA$10.45
1646116ProFlex® Wrist SupportsLarge4000, Single Strap, Left HandEA$13.24
1646118ProFlex® Wrist SupportsX-Large4000, Single Strap, Right HandEA$10.45
1646119ProFlex® Wrist SupportsX-Large4000, Single Strap, Left HandEA$10.45
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