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Guardian Equipment® Eyewash and Eye/Face Wash

• Never lose dust covers again
• Choose plastic or corrosion-resistant stainless steel sink

The wall-mounted Eyewash or Eye/Face Wash features a 12" bowl with anodized aluminum wall bracket. Assembly has two fine-spray heads with "flip-top" dust covers and chrome-plated brass supply arm. Activated by a 12" IPS chrome-plated stay-open ball valve with a cast aluminum flag handle. Fully factory assembled and water tested. Unit meets ANSI Z358.1 standard (comes with ANSI compliant identification sign).
Cat NoDescriptionTypeUOMPrice
2132097Eyewashwith Stainless BowlEA$278.23
2132098Eye/Face Washwith Plastic BowlEA$319.88
2132099Eye/Face Washwith Stainless BowlEA$417.34
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